Progentra Review – Read Why Your Should Avoid These Pills!

progentra reviewProgentra is a male enhancement and enlargement pill that claims in its product description to “transform your manhood like no other male enhancement pill”. Concerningly, its ingredients are not listed anywhere online. The supplement is manufactured by BioLabs, a company with very little readily available information. Progentra appears to mainly be available through purchase on Amazon (no direct purchase website could be found). The product description claims that the compounds in Progentra are “supported by numerous clinical studies”, however no citations can be found. Reviews found on Amazon and eBay seem to be a very mixed bag, ranging from “good” to “did not help .000001%”. Due to the lack of information on the formula, quality control, laboratory testing, or even the manufacturer, I do not recommend purchasing Progentra.

Progentra Review – Why You Should Avoid These Pills!

No Information About Ingredients

When purchasing pharmaceuticals or supplements, it is important that the consumer be educated on the ingredients in the product they will be ingesting. Otherwise, consumers may be inadvertently exposed to hidden allergens, useless filler ingredients, or even dangerous toxins without their knowledge. At the very least, it would be in BioLabs’ best interest to list the active ingredients in Progentra so that they could explain the potential benefits to buyers in an effort to market their product. Unfortunately, I was not able to find any information on the ingredients of Progentra on any of the few websites it is listed on for sale. In addition to this concerning lack of detail, multiple searches for “BioLabs” did not return any results in the form of a website or any other information about the company. A reputable company in the supplement business should have a website detailing a list of its products and their ingredients, as well as instructions for use, precautions, and contact information. Without these, potential customers are left in the dark and are forced to decide blindly whether or not a supplement is right for them. BioLabs has failed to produce any of the aforementioned information, which is extremely suspicious.

Many Negative Reviews

Furthermore, reviews on the few websites that list Progentra for sale are varied. Many claim that the product did not work at all, and some of the few positive reviews that can be found seem suspect. One reviewer on Amazon claimed to have used a whopping six bottles and had spent nearly four hundred dollars, all to no avail. No negative (or even positive) reviews of Progentra were met with any feedback from either the third party sellers or the manufacturers. If BioLabs expect customers to spend upwards of forty dollars per bottle on their supplement, they should be willing to stand by their product and truly guarantee its effects. Dissatisfied customers should be offered refunds or explanations. Unfortunately, as mentioned previously, BioLabs does not appear to have any contact information or even a website at all. This makes contacting BioLabs extremely difficult, if not completely impossible. The Amazon seller listing the product does not appear to be affiliated with the manufacturer, which raises concerns regarding the actual contents of the product. Some reviewers claim to have received fake or counterfeit products in the past, which does not inspire confidence in the seller. If consumers have questions or concerns about their purchase, it is completely up to them to find solutions and answers. This is not only unprofessional on behalf of BioLabs, but off-putting to potential customers.

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Better Alternative To Progentra – Male Extra

If Progentra is starting to look unappealing, the good news is that there is a great alternative! Male Extra is an all-natural, unique supplement that is clinically shown to improve male sexual performance. It uses safe, natural ingredients to increase the levels on nitric oxide in the blood. This boosts blood oxygen levels, and in turn blood flow. It also includes natural aphrodisiacs, as well as vitamins and minerals shown to promote cell repair and regeneration. What this means for consumers is a longer lasting, more powerful erection. In fact, many customers see up to a 2.6 inch increase in size after using Male Extra for just three to six months!

male extraWhy Male Extra Is Better Than Progentra?

Progentra does not list any statistics in its product description, so it is impossible to compare the two based on these criteria.

Unlike Progentra, the ingredients in Male Extra are clearly publicized on its website. In fact, there are only seven safe, natural ingredients. These and their respective purposes are easily accessible to consumers and very well explained. The website also includes citations for numerous medical studies that support the claims made. The inclusion of these citations can help consumers be assured that the product they purchase is supported by objective research and that the manufacturer has done its homework.

male extra ingredients

The seven active ingredients and their respective purposes are summarized below:

Pomegranate ellagic acid is an antioxidant-rich natural extract that significantly increases blood flow. A study even found that it reduces fatigue after physical exercise, making it ideal for inclusion in a sexual performance supplement.

L-Arginine is an amino acid that the body converts to nitric oxide. As previously discussed, higher levels of nitric oxide in the blood promote healthy blood flow. This is another key to maintaining longer, harder erections.

MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) is an ingredient found in many health supplements, for good reason. MSM supports cell growth and regeneration. Newer, healthier cells are more capable of performing their respective functions and are key to overall performance.

L-Methionine is another essential amino acid that blocks the production of histamine. High histamine levels have been linked to premature ejaculation. The inclusion of L-Methionine will ensure a longer, more satisfying performance in the bedroom.

Lower than average zinc levels have been strongly linked to lower testosterone, and therefore decreased sexual performance. Zinc (as Citrate) is included in Male Extra to ensure that customers’ zinc levels stay high in order to guarantee maximum testosterone levels.

Cordyceps has been used for centuries in ancient Chinese medicine as an aphrodisiac. The manufacturers of Male Extra made sure to include this powerful fungus in their clinically proven supplement.

Lastly, Niacin (more commonly known as vitamin B3) assists the blood vessels in relaxing and expanding. Niacin has also been shown to decrease fatigue, yet another ingredient to improve stamina in the bedroom!

Unlike Progentra, Male Extra’s ingredients are readily available online. This allows consumers to do their own research and decide if the product is right for them. This option does not exist for customers of Progentra, who are forced to trust that the company is providing them a safe and reliable product. Additionally, Male Extra has a website with extensive information provided. It includes various avenues to contact the company including an interactive chatroom, and even a telephone number. Male Extra is available for direct purchase from the manufacturer, unlike Progentra which is only available via third party Amazon or eBay sellers.

The reviews on Progentra were very mixed, which unfortunately leaves customers unsure of whether or not they should have confidence in the product they want to buy. Conversely, Male Extra’s website boasts over one hundred and fifty thousand satisfies customers. The company has been selling the supplement for over 9 years, a history that Progentra does not have. If buyers are still unsure about the product they are purchasing, Male Extra offers a sixty-day, money-back guarantee with hassle-free returns. This ensures that customers feel secure in their purchase and in the knowledge that they are buying from a company that stands behind its products. Unlike with Progentra, there is no need to go through shady third-party middlemen and purchase a supplement whose ingredients, manufacturer, and efficacy they are unsure of.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, if buyers are looking for a male enhancement supplement that is safe, proven effective, and guaranteed, I recommend they purchase Male Extra. Unlike Progentra, the company stands behind its claims and fully supports its product. The ingredients are clearly listed on Male Extra’s website, as well as the role that they play in supporting functional male sexual health. Representatives are available to chat, either online or over the phone, and answer any questions or concerns that may arise. If customers are unsatisfied in any way whatsoever, the company offers a sixty-day, no-hassle, money back guarantee. Unfortunately, BioLabs does not offer anything similar for Progentra. Its ingredients are unlisted, leaving buyers unsure of what they might be consuming. The company, BioLabs, does not have a website or any contact information available online. In fact, it is unclear whether any information on them is available at all. Amazon reviews are one of the only sources of information on Progentra, and they have no clear consensus on the product. Given this information, I cannot recommend the purchase of Progentra.

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